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NHS Information Service for Parents


18 May 2012


The NHS Information Service for Parents will give new parents and parents-to-be information and advice about a wide range of issues.


The NHS Information Service for Parents was launched today (18th May 2012).  New parents will be able to access information and advice about many issues including staying healthy, preparing for birth and looking after a new baby.


By signing up to the service, parents-to-be and new parents will receive regular emails and text messages containing relevant and timely NHS approved advice throughout the pregnancy and as the new baby grows and develops.


There will be links to videos showing midwives demonstrating practical things like how to bath a baby and parents discussing issues that affected them and how they supported each other.


Details of this new service have been incorporated into our Pregnancy and Parenting handout which can be downloaded from the Practitioner's e-resource section of our website - click here.

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